Regatta Information

This page contains important regatta information for all competitors

As required in sailing instruction 18 “Safety Regulations”, Trolley Tags are to be affixed as shown below.

Boats shall display bow numbers and advertising stickers on the bow during the event.  These stickers will be supplied by the organising authority.  It is the responsibility of the sailor to ensure the stickers remain on the boat and obtain replacements as necessary.

Each sailor will be issued 4 ACO stickers 2 Bow Numbers and 4 Central Oceans stickers.

They are to be applied as shown below. If any stickers fall off during sailing the sailor is to request replacement and apply them prior the start of the first race the next day.

Positioning Details: 

The top front corner of the bow number sticker is to be 100mm from the bow and 25 mm down from the gunwale.

The ACO sponsor sticker is to be directly adjacent to the bow number with a 8mm spacing and also 30mm below the gunwale.


 Bow Number







ACO Stickers to be applied each side below the bottom batten near the leach,  100mm below and 100 in.



Installation Instuctions

Meth is best to remove any polish, water just getting rid of grime and salt.  (Do not use Acetone).  A decal this small should be okay for most people to apply dry (without the use of water spray )


Apply dry using hinge method..

Tape decal as shown in the photo.

Fold one half back on its self ( vertical hinge)

Peel the backing paper and fold the other way or trim off backing paper.

Start applying pressure using card or applicator, starting from the centre to the edge ( vertical motion ) until that half is down.

Remove tape.

Fold remaining side back over part that is applied to the hull

Peel backing paper and apply from centre to edge again.


Water method.

Peel entire backing paper

Spray adhesive with water / detergent mixture ( mix rate 1 detergent cap per Litre)

Spray hull

Place decal in position, align then apply pressure with card or applicator.

Leave to dry and let moisture evaporate for at least 2 hrs before taking boat into water.


Good Luck, and don’t stress about small bubbles they won’t affect the adhesion as long as they are not on the leading edges.

They can be removed with a pin if they really bother you.

Generally the river bottom is sandy and you will see the bottom before hitting it.  However please be aware of rocks directly on a spinnaker reach from the Mounts Bay Sailing Club. 

It is very tempting for new comers to set the spinnaker and blast out on the nice flat water.  But beware many have destroyed their boats on these rocks..  Do not go past the concrete navigation mark.
If you go upside down in shallow areas and your mast hits the bottom, it is best to swim your stern into the wind and let the mast slide out. Don’t try to push the mast through the mud, as you may risk a breakage.

The shallow no go areas are shaded below.


From experience, commercial vessels are very courteous when they see a regatta in progress and carefully choose a path around the course area to avoid conflict with boats racing.

It is however very important between races to keep to leeward of the course area and allow the vessels to continue keeping clear of our race area.


Capt Cook


Emergency Department, There is an ED 2.5 kms from the club

St Chairles Gairdner Hospital,  Hospital Ave Nedlands

Australia has an agreement with the UK so its free, SUI we are not sure


After Hours Family Medical Clinic Hollywood Private Hospital Monash Ave 3 ks from Club +9346 6195


Broadway Fair Pharmacy  Broadway Fair 2km from the club. 8:30am – 7pm


Super markets, bakery, etc  Broadway Fair

Ships Chandlers

Whitworth Marine Mosman Park 10k  from Club

8/634 Stirling Highway, Mosman Park WA 6012
(08) 9385 5877

Yacht Grot – 12k’s better range

57 Queen Victoria Street, Fremantle WA 6160
(08) 9430 6766 – Ask for Peter Mudford

Boating hardware – 15’k (past Fremantle)

6/1 Zeta Crescent, O'Connor WA 6163
(08) 9337 9900

Bus & public transport



Bunnings Claremont 5ks

13 Leura Ave Claremont

7:00am to 9pm weekdays 7:00pm weekends


Tools & Repairs

Jayson Brownie has agreed to be the go to guy.

AUS 429

0432 909 689



John Cassidy 0409 880 487, he is 10k’s away in Churchlands


Places to visit

  • Cottesloe – beaches, coffee 10k 102 Bus
  • Leederville & Northbridge – nightlife 10k
  • Fremantle 15ks nightlife