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Day 2 of the Worlds race 3, 4 and 5.

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The second day started with discussions about the weather. There were 2 forecast, one said it’s going to blow like a normal sea breeze, the other said it wasn’t. In the end of the day, both were right. It started with a +20 knots race, then a 9 knots race and then about 15 knots rising to 20 in the end. So a good day for the allround sailors. Ian Renilson from the UK seems to be a good all-rounder, he improved from 10th place to 2nd overall. Jon Newman from Australia is still in the front and Paul Dijkstra from the Netherlands has confirmed his 3th place.
Race one started just on time as planned. The wind was high and Dave Poston had a good lead at the windward mark and stormed off, only to capsize in the first gybe. James Lewis didn’t had a good start today, as he managed to break 2 trapeze lines and a tiller on the first beat. The wind dropped at the second lap and the sailing became easier, but with more windshifts. Under attack from Ben Clegg, Paul Dijkstra and Richie Robinson who were streaming down on a large gust, John Newman took first followed by Ian Renilson and Marcus Hamilton third.

Race two started with the wind increasing up the first beat with the left paying. The race was turned around with John Reekie gybe setting into stronger breeze to take the lead with the ever consistent John Newman coming into second. Up the second beat John Newman picked up a right shift in the middle of the course to take the lead which was never relinquished. With Thor in second and Ian finishing 3rd due to John Reekie OCS.

Race 3 lucky for Paul Dijkstra, cause he bumped onto the pin end boat. Wanted to be at the pin and first out left. But was getting too close and caused a general recall. The second start all the boats were clear, there were some dolphins trying to start as well. Sergei Samus, crossed everybody on port, went too far right and a big pack of left boats came in at the top. The breeze lightened on the downwind and made it tricky. Jon Newman improved to second position with a couple of gybes past the big pack of Arthur, Thor and Dave. Upwind some went left, some went right and made big gains. Renilson kept his lead and it was a close call to Thor, Jon then Paul D.