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It’s On!!

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Day 4, race 8, 9 and 10.

IMGP5226 John Newman down wind
Today it was it was big Thursday. Jon Newman got 3 first and is already World Champion with 2 races to go. In the top ten it is still extremely excited!! Between number 2 and number 7 there’s only 13 points difference. So another big day to go. Today is also the ACO sponsor day. ACO invited customers to come over, to have a look at our sailors and sail by themselves as well. I saw them on the water and their having great fun.

The first race of the day was a clear start after a general recall. The majority of the top ten headed left with right paying the top mark. At the bottom mark Denis lead the fleet followed by Jon and Paul D. Denis headed right and unfortunately for him the sailors that headed left got the jump. At the top mark Jon had reached the front. Jon was first to the bottom mark followed by Thor and ??? Alex G. Jon and Thor headed left and Marcus Hamilton headed right. By the time the fleet converged at the top mark Marcus had moved through to 2nd with Thor in 3rd. Positions didn’t change down the final run with Jon taking another race wind.

IMGP5238 Marcus Hamilton
Race 2 started with a general recall, after a U flag they were gone. The positions were not clear up the first windward as the wind oscillated from left to right and back again. At the top mark the positions became clear with Tom Conway flying the flag for the British rounding first followed by Thor with Jon Newman hot on his heels in third. Down the first run the pressure was again coming out of the left and right and Jon weaved his magic to round the bottom mark in first place looking to head right followed by Thor and John Reekie in third. The pressure approached from left with Denis Jones, Marcus Hamilton and Richie Robinson initially making big gains on the front runners. Late shift at the top mark from the right had the rounding’s mixed up again this time Marcus from the left leading Jon around. Standings shifted around over the next lap but the front runners managed to maintain their lead with Jon taking the flag followed by Marcus and Thor in third.

IMGP5233 Thor Schoenhoff
Race 3 started with a general recall, after a second change the race went away with the U flag. Paul Dijkstra was on the pin- end. Paul: “I saw the sponsor boats on the left side of us going about 20 degrees higher. So I knew that I had to go to the left.”. Paul’s plan worked out and he came first one round the top mark, followed by Jon Newman and Marcus Hamilton. Downwind Marcus took the other gate and got beaten by Arthur Brett. At the top mark Paul was still is front, but Arthur got wind and caught up Paul. Arthur and Paul both did a gibe set without wind. Then “Superman” Jon Newman came around the mark and then there was some wind. He finished first with a big scream knowing he was World Champion!! Arthur Brett beated Paul by about “2cm” on the finish.




IMGP5358 Arthur Brett chasing Paul Dijkstra