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Jon Newman Australian Champion again!

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The day started with a typical land breeze that heats up the air to rise and suck in a Sea Breeze, known in Perth as the Fremantle Doctor (Cools everyone down).  This was the last day of the Australian Nationals. Current Australian Champion Jon Newman is the winner again. It was gusting pretty high, which was a real challenge for everyone but fortunately all the sailors returned safe from the water, so a good job done by the race committee.
The race committee decided to sail on Melville Water West, because the World Championship will be held there as well. So it started with a chill-out session on shore. Waiting for the Tornados to finish their racing and waiting for the sea breeze coming in. So a good moment for the sailors to fix or clean their boats and discuss tactics.

weather day 2
About 2.30pm the 4th race of the Australian Nationals went off. At the start the boats of Dave Poston and Thor Schoenhoff try to kiss each other, so they both capsized. And went off a little later than the rest. During the race the wind increased a lot, rising to 22 knots gusting 25 (The Seabreeze wind chart above is measured from the middle of the arrow). A lot of the guys decided to not use the spinnaker downwind. I saw amazing capsizes on gibes without the kite. Marcus Hamilton managed to stay alive and took the win on the first race.

Ron Barnes decided to retire from the race and took his mainsail of the boat. He let himself drift with the wind back to Mounts Bay Sailing Club. Unfortunately there was nobody to pick him up at the club, so he drifted too far and ended up at the Dinghy Sailing Club around the bay.

The second race, fifth of the series, the waves where even bigger than the first race. The race went off with the U-flag again. Thor Schoenhoff did a great job by winning the race, before Jon Newman and Marcus Hamilton. The rescue boats had a big job towing boats into the harbor and get everybody clear. David Taylor managed to break his boom and from Colin Turner his bracket went of his mast, so his mast came down. Fortunately everybody went safe from the water. And with a beer, a hotdog and nacho’s all the sailors enjoyed having a chat and the big stories are coming out. The prize giving will be held tomorrow during the opening of the Worlds.


fig. 2. Results top 10 Australian Nationals, (full result can be found under results)

Results Australian Nationals