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Last day of Aco Musto Performance Skiff World Championships 2015

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Today it was the last day of the World Championships. We already had a winner, so “It was on” for the rest of the top 10. Our prediction of changes was wrong, the regatta had already shown us the best sailors on the top. Marcus and Thor kept their second and third position and will be together with Jon Newman on the stage.

IMGP5575 Thor Schoenhoff up and away

The final day of racing started as the previous day left off – a course lying across the Swan River, meaning flat water but big gusts and shifts in the 15-20 knots of breeze. The fleet got away cleanly with Nigel Wallbank making the best of the shifts to round the first mark first, followed by youth sailor Stuart Keegan and Jon Newman. A 20 knot gust took the fleet down to the leeward mark at speed, where there were a few casualties as the boats converged. Nigel overstood and let the following pack past as he reached into the mark

The leading back of Stuart, Thor, Paul Newman and Jon Newman battled it out with the right side of the course paying. Places changed constantly as the wind shifted one way and back again. Jon managed to battle through to take with win, with Stuart 2nd and Dave coming best out of battle with Thor and Paul to take 3rd.


Last race started all clear, half went left half went right. Guys out of the left suffered early with dwindling wind. Victorian 6 time national champion in the sabre class Wayne Bates, affectionately none as “Batesy” smacked the right hand corner and was looking famous with a 100m to go to the first mark. When a big left hand shift put a and to his fame, although rumor has it, he beat the World Champion to the first mark. Top positions changed many times with frequent oscillations and massive wind strength changes to go with them. Gusts came through at 20-25 knots and boats that rounded in that gust could often ride it the whole way down. Jon having already won the series and not needing to sail, went right up the second with Marcus, Thor and Paul D. The middle/left worked this time and Richie and Dennis came onto the scene for the next rounding. Places changed many times again but Marcus prevailed, Big Dave from the mother land sailed flawlessly for the second, and Richie carried a massive gust through the middle to snatch 3rd from Dennis who got 4th and Paul who got caught out right for a very close 5th.


IMGP5586 Richie Robinson enjoying the left hand side.


At the moment when we are writing this report everybody is packing their boats. The containers to Europe are leaving on Monday, back to home. Tonight there is a big closing diner and of course the prize giving. Great job to the organizing team, the race committee and all the volunteers who were involved. It was a fantastic event, beautiful weather and good sailing. What could we wish for more?

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