Explore 12,000km of Western Australia’s coastline in just a few hundred metres.

From the icy waters of the southern ocean to the tropical wonderland of coral reefs in the Far North, AQWA takes you on an underwater journey to discover the incredible and unique marine life of Western Australia.

Since 1988, AQWA has presented the beauty and wonder of this coastal environment and is Western Australia’s number one marine attraction.

Reflecting our Western Australian theme, everything in AQWA can be found in the State’s oceans. In addition, everything within our displays is living – including the incredible complex marine environments and coral!

There are over 40 stunning exhibits including one of the largest living coral reef exhibits in the world and AQWA’s shipwreck coast – Australia’s largest aquarium. It is also the 10th largest in the world! In total AQWA holds over 4 million litres of water and is home to over 4,000 fish.

AQWA’s great southern coast – Venture into the icy waters of the Southern Ocean and come face to fin with intriguing creatures such as seadragons and pineapple fish.

AQWA’s shipwreck coast – Surround yourself with sharks, stingrays and turtles in Australia’s largest walk through aquarium. Travel beneath 3 million litres of Indian Ocean water as you have a close encounter with 4 metre sharks, huge stingrays, turtles and hundreds of stunning fish.

AQWA’s Perth Coast – Explore Perth’s amazing coastline of ancient reefs and sandy bays. Be mesmerised by moon jellyfish, discover an octopus and see how fish view the reef.

AQWA’s far north coast – Explore one of the world’s most remote regions, home to dangerous marine animals and colourful tropical lagoons. Smile at a crocodile, see creatures up close and immerse yourself in beautiful tropical displays.

AQWA’s DANGERzone – Face a deadly line up of marine creatures that can sting, bite or wrap their prey with suckered arms to immobilise or even kill! The DANGERzone is an eye-opening exhibit of Western Australia’s most dangerous marine life and is not to be missed.

AQWA’s Marmion Marine Park – Interact with live animals at the touch pool, then visit stingray bay and relax by a coastal lagoon.

AQWA’s coral reef – Overlook a living coral reef then travel from the shore to the bottom of the sea in AQWA’s Underwater Gallery.


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    Explore 12,000km of Western Australia’s coastline in just a few hundred metres. From the icy waters of the southern ...
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