Melville Water is Perth’s primary sailing location with steady sea breezes on really flat water.  Perfect for Musto Sailing

January 2 nd Friday Pre Worlds Regatta 1300 Races 1,2,3
(Registration 1100-1200)
January 3 rd Saturday Pre Worlds Regatta 1300 Races 4,5,6
(Registration 1100-1200)
January 4 th Sunday 1300-1400 Worlds Registration and Measuring
  (Also on the 4 th) 1800 Worlds Welcome Cocktail Party
 January 5 th Monday 1300 2 Races
 January 6 th Tuesday 1300 3 Races
 January 7 th Wednesday 1300 2 races
 January 8 th Thursday 1300 3 races
 January 9 th Friday 1300 2 Races
  (Also on the 9 th) 1830 Presentation Dinner

Racing Area Melville Water

Melville Water is an open Bay that’s has the ability to set a 1nm race course mostly unaffected by wind and tide, The water is mainly flat.

While Perth is renowned for its strong seabreezes the racing will start at 1:00 to avoid the strongest winds . It is the same venue as the Tornado World Championships that finish on 3 January 2015

The base and hosting venue for the regatta will be Mounts Bay Sailing Club.

Walking & Riding distance

It is planned that the competitors will use the close by University of WA, which will be on holiday. Cheap accommodation is available Shared, and Single rooms are available and the distance to the Club is 1km.

Container leave Europe & UK in November

Containers It is planned that container will leave Europe and UK at the beginning of November returning March. An early Estimated cost is 500 Euro.

20 flights a day

Perth is a thriving city of 2m, remote from the rest of Australia and the rest of the world. Travellers from Europe will find more than 20 flights a day including via Singapore, Dubai, Qatar, KL

Enjoy a warm Januaryin 3 steps

Book Your Holidays

Great Sailing and Warm Fun for your families

Send Boats

Get amongst the containers headed for Perth

Jump On a Plane

This is a easy regatta. Once you get here everything is convenient.